Kirkland Views adds WSDOT "Live" Traffic Cams

Take a peek at the freeway traffic when you get morning news

As a part of our ongoing effort to improve Kirkland Views as an online source of news and information, we constantly test new features. While traffic cameras are nothing new, what is new is that we have added "live" traffic cameras (operated by WSDOT) to our site. Hopefully, this addition will aid our many commuters with a heads up as to traffic conditions on I-405 and the SR-520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. If you find it useful please let us know.

We have added four traffic cameras to the site:

  • SR 520 E Highrise
  • I-405 NE 85th St
  • I-405 NE 124th St
  • I-405 NE 160th St

The WSDOT "live" cameras actually produce still shots taken each 1.5 minutes. Click the refresh button to update the camera images.

Visit the Live Traffic Conditions page.