Houghton Transfer Station to have restricted weekday access until Jan 24

[box type="note"]The following text is from a flyer handed out to customers of the Houghton Transfer Station[/box]

Houghton Transfer Station – Construction Update

Restricted Weekday Access

*** Until January 24, 2011 ***

Note: A change in the building work plan resulted in a safer jobsite but a slightly longer construction period. Normal weekday access for all customers will resume on Jan 24, 2011.

Monday - Friday:

Station is CLOSED to all customers except KCSWD Account Holders

On weekdays during construction, only King County Solid Waste Division account holders – those customers who have posted a bond and are billed by the Solid Waste Division – can use the station. All other customers are being redirected to other county solid waste facilities. See flyer below & back of flyer for other options.

Saturday & Sunday:

Station is open, but operating at limited capacity. Expect delays & use caution!

Recycling Services:

Recycling is CLOSED on weekdays, but open on weekends.

The flyer lists other transfer station locations to use during construction.

[ilink style="download" url="http://www.kirklandviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Houghton-Roof-Flyer_FINAL_NOV-2010.pdf"]Download the flyer being distributed to customers at the Houghton Transfer Station[/ilink]
For more info visit http://your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/index.asp