Giving Thanks

On behalf of Sgt Milkin, we  would like to thank the incredibly generous businesses and individuals of this community that have generously given of their time, materials and money to help make Sgt. Milkin's dream of rebuilding his home a reality. I encourage everyone to take a moment to visit our Facebook page under "Milkin House." There under  the "discussions" section you will find a list of all of the amazing businesses that have been instrumental in making this happen along with direct links to their websites.When you see these companies and businesses in your community please take a moment to say, "Thank you." Each one of these businesses involved was beyond generous in the materials and labor they donated to the Milkin home rebuild. During the recent downturn in the economy it is the construction industry that has been hit hardest. Some of the  wonderful businesses that stepped up and donated to this project did so during the toughest of economic times for them, which makes their very generous donations all the more meaningful.

Thank you!

Michele Yousef