Google to bring Widevine to Kirkland campus

According to The Seattle Times, Google is buying Seattle software developer, Widevine, and moving them to Google's Kirkland campus. The acquisition is part of an effort to improve Google's video digital-rights management offerings used to transmit video content online. Brier Dudley reports on his blog at The Seattle Times that, "the move comes as Google is pledging to do a better job protecting copyrighted material and fending off a renewed lawsuit by Viacom over copyright violations."

Dudley continues, "By acquiring Widevine, Google will instantly become a dominant player in the market for protecting video content broadcast over the Web. The company is already the largest distributor of online video by far but it currently doesn't have its own streaming-video DRM technology other than a "content ID" fingerprinting system developed for YouTube."

Thank you to Don Winters for the heads up.