Pedestrians see progress at Kirkland Transit Center

The Kirkland Transit Center is scheduled for completion in January 2011 and bus service will be restored to the transit center soon thereafter. It has been a long year since 3rd Street, one of the few north-south connections in downtown Kirkland, was free of construction. On Monday, the construction project showed some progress to pedestrians when they re-opened the long-closed sidewalk on the south side of Central Way crossing 3rd Street.

Traffic for vehicles on 3rd Street between Kirkland Avenue and Central Way has been a mess for the past year. During this period, traffic has been closed southbound and restricted northbound, with drivers never knowing if they'll encounter delays as flaggers stop traffic for construction machinery crossing the road.

When construction is completed (the pump station at 3rd and Park Lane is also being retrofitted), bus riders will have a shiny new transit center where they can catch one of the few buses that serve the city. Kirkland has long been underserved by Metro and a new transit center wont bring better bus service. It will only make the wait more pleasant. Don't forget your transfer slip.

Thank you to Michelle Sailor for the heads up