UPDATED More fallout from recent storm (Photos)

[imagebrowser id=100] The heavy rains over the weekend not only flooded streets in low lying areas like Totem Lake, it also caused mudslides on the aptly-named Goat Hill. hills and the creek banks throughout Kirkland.

Long lines of cars clogged much of Totem Lake Monday night as commuters exited I-405 streets which had been closed by the city. Public Works did their best to ameliorate the situation but they were overwhelmed. Just outside the city limits, King County Department of Transportation worked on Goat Hill repairing roads and securing hillsides to prevent additional erosion. The work continued Tuesday where several homes have been yellow tagged as unsafe to occupy due to mudslides.

High winds also contributed to the mess as many evergreens fell throughout the region. For the record, winter doesn't officially begin until December 21st.

Thank you to Adam Guy for sending in a photo.