Kirkland Parkplace Receives Final Approval from the Design Review Board

UPDATE Dec. 15 3:00PM

The Design Review Board has contacted Interested Parties with a Notice of Decision.

After years of meetings, public hearings and lawsuits, Touchstone Development's proposed redevelopment of Kirkland Parkplace was approved by Kirkland's Design Review Board (DRB) at their December 13 meeting. The approval process for the office/hotel/retail project has not been without controversy. For many, the future Parkplace is viewed as a vast improvement over the existing complex from the early 1980's and as an economic boon for the city. To others, the Parkplace redevelopment is seen as oversized, exacerbating the traffic and parking problems we already have.

The DRB approved the project with two minor changes to pages containing data. The complete packet will be posted online by the city in the next few days.

Interested Parties

Of note in the Design Response Conference #27 Memorandum is the list of 31 "interested parties" that have submitted written or oral comment to the DRB regarding this project. According to the zoning code, the DRB's decision may be appealed to the Hearing Examiner by "the applicant or any person who submitted written or oral comments to the Design Review Board."

If there is to be an appeal of the DRB decision, it will come from one of these 31 individuals.

Section 142.40 of the Zoning Code allows the Design Review Board's decision to be appealed to the Hearing Examiner by the applicant or any person who submitted written or oral comments to the Design Review Board. The appeal must be in the form of a letter of appeal and must be delivered, along with any fees set by ordinance, to the Planning Department by 5:00 p.m., , fourteen (14) calendar days following the postmarked date of distribution of the Design Review Board's decision.

Only those issues under the authority of the Design Review Board as established by Kirkland Zoning Code 142.35(3) are subject to appeal.

Design Response Conference #27 Memorandum