Congratulations to 30 LWSD Teachers Who Achieve Certification

Thirty Lake Washington Teachers Achieve National Board Certification 170 National Board Certified teachers in district

Thirty teachers in the Lake Washington School District achieved National Board Certification®, as announced today by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. There are now 170 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) working full-time in the district’s schools.

“Congratulations to all thirty of our teachers who have achieved this prestigious credential,” noted Superintendent Chip Kimball. “We have exceptional faculty in Lake Washington School District, so it is no surprise that so many of our teachers are able to achieve this status. All of us benefit (students, teachers and other staff members) when teachers achieve National Board Certification, as these teachers share their knowledge and expertise with those around them.”

Teachers earn this credential through a rigorous assessment that generally takes a year or more to complete. It requires these teachers to demonstrate how their work improves student achievement. As part of the process, teachers build a portfolio that includes student work samples, assignments, videotapes and a thorough analysis of their classroom teaching. Additionally, teachers are assessed on their knowledge of the subjects they teach. It is considered the highest professional certification a teacher can obtain.

This year, 1,272 teachers in Washington achieved National Board Certification, placing the state second in new National Board Certifications, behind only North Carolina with 2,282 new National Board Certifications. Washington now has 5,247Board-certified teachers, which places the state fourth overall in the nation.

Each teacher achieves certification in a subject area and age range. The new National Board Certified Teachers, along with their field, are:


Finn Hill Junior High: Eric Lucke, Early Adolescence / Science.

Finn Hill Junior High & Twain Elementary: Ronald Maier, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood / Music.

Franklin Elementary: Lael Camacho, Early and Middle Childhood / Literacy: Reading-Language Arts.

International Community School: Mark Elliott, Early Adolescence / Social Studies-History; and Maria-Alicia Fetzer Robertson, Early Adolescence though Adulthood / World Languages other than English.

Juanita High School: Ines Bergman, Early Childhood Though young Adulthood / School Counseling;

Stephen Deligan, Adolescence and Young Adulthood / Social Studies-History; and

Paul Peretti, Early Childhood through Young Adult / School Counseling

Kamiakin Junior High: Kristen Thom, Early Adolescence / Math

Lakeview Elementary: Donna Allee, Early Childhood through Young Adult / Exceptional Needs Specialist (birth-21).

Sandburg Elementary: Lisa Vanenkevort, Early and Middle Childhood / Literacy: Reading-Language Arts.

Thoreau Elementary: Elizabeth Rushing, Middle Childhood / Generalist.

Twain Elementary:  Kelly Luiten, Early and Middle Childhood / Literacy: Reading-Language Arts.

Kirkland & Redmond:

Juanita High School & Redmond High School: Jennifer Harris, Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood / Career and Technical Education.


Mann Elementary: Nancy Pfaff, Early Adolescence / Mathematics (ages 11-15).

Redmond High School: Sarah De la Cruz, Early Adolescence and Young Adult / Art;

Bryan Rowley, Adolescence and Young Adulthood / Social Studies-History;

Katerina Gilday, Adult and Young Adulthood English / Language Arts;

Steve Okun, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood / Art; and

David Peabody, Adolescence and Young Adulthood / Mathematics (ages 14-18+).

Rockwell Elementary: Lisa Lewis, Middle Childhood / Generalist.

Rosa Parks Elementary: Jennifer Drake, Middle Childhood / Generalist.

Rush Elementary: Mary Schroeder, Early Childhood through Adult / Library Media.


Eastlake High School:

Alicia Egashira, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood / World Language other than English; and

Kathy Hargrave, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood / Arts.

Inglewood Junior High:

Katherine Bulyca, Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood / Career and Technical Education;

Jennifer Nelson, Early Childhood through Young Adulthood / Exceptional Needs Specialist-Mild to Moderate; and Anne Steindorf, Early Adolescence / Math.

McAuliffe Elementary: Janet Ahern, Early Childhood through Young Adulthood / Library Media; and

Donna Goggin, Middle Childhood / Generalist.