Letter | Shocked about the new Public Safety Building

Dear Editor: I just now heard about the NEW JAIL IN TOWN!  A quick google gave me: http://www.kirklandviews.com/archives/17741

This is incredible and incredible in the lack of visibility this has.  I cannot believe the city planners are doing this without some sort of public referendum!  This totally does not make sense and does not blend in with the area's retail/office design.

In talking to a city worker, a friend, I understand there are some concerning issues around this: a) city workers are taking pay cuts but we have some 80 million $ for what amounts to be a jail in our residential back yard! b) Fred Meyers applied for a two story rebuild of their adjacent property and were turned down...they also bid some 5 million more then the city for the property and were turned down. it seems like some government is trumping both common planning sense and free enterprise in rolling forward with this plan. c) Fred Meyers is bringing suit against the city...go Fred go!!!

If this facility is actually built at this location it will drastically change the dynamic in this area away from residential and retail to  "jail".  The use of the term "public safety" is code word, learned from a previous failed attempt to put a prison up in Kingsgate.


Jeff Callegari

[box]Editor's note: The new Public Safety building will indeed have a larger jail than we have now, however, this is not to be confused with the King County plans which listed Totem Lake as a potential site for their new jail. It appears that jail will not be located here.[box]