Hopelink needs your help


I’m reaching out to you because HOPELINK NEEDS YOUR HELP!  So many families who are hurting during this prolonged downturn.  While it may be difficult to imagine how we can help alleviate what so many people are experiencing right now, there is a very exciting opportunity to leverage huge support for Hopelink, a vital community resource and an organization for which I serve as  a member of its Executive Leadership Council.   The great news about this opportunity is that it is very easy and requires that you simply buy some of your groceries from Amazon Fresh during the next 9 days.


All you need to do is place one or several orders between now and midnight on December 31st through the link below to the “A Fresh Challenge” web page at Amazon Fresh.  Every dollar you spend now through New Year's Eve, up to $150 using this link will be matched 100% by Amazon Fresh. You’ll experience the convenience of getting high quality food delivered to your door while at the same time providing vital food, shelter and other emergency support to very distressed families.


To learn more about the challenge or Hopelink click here:  www.hope-link.org


To go directly to the Amazon Fresh Challenge site to start shopping, please click here:  www.amazonfresh.com/hopelink


Please note that if you do not already have an Amazon.com account, you will need to create one, but before you start shopping, go back through the special link provided and sign in with your new account information and you’ll be good to go.  If you already have an Amazon.com account, you can start shopping immediately after signing in through the link. 


Amazon Fresh is hoping to match up to $125,000 for Hopelink if we can get enough people to participate.  To date only 65 people have responded and we need hundreds of people to place orders.  Please consider participating and if you think this is something your friends and family would be interested in knowing about, please forward this to them and encourage their support. 

  Warmest regards,