Kirkland Transit Center Construction Update

Sound Transit is nearly finished with the new Kirkland Transit Center, located on Third Street between Central Way and Kirkland Avenue.  Much of the surface work, such as new curbs, sidewalks and street pavement, are now complete.

In December 2010, Sound Transit’s contractor, Bayley Construction, finished installing the median guardrails down the center of Third Street and the bus canopy on the west side of Third Street.  New landscaping and irrigation is being completed on both the east and west sides of the street.  Benches, lighting and pavers will also be installed in the plaza area leading to the ball field.  In January 2011, pavement markings will be added and signage installed, in addition to traffic control signal infrastructure that will be put in place at Central Way and Third Street.

The single northbound lane of traffic on Third Street will continue to be maintained until the project is completed.  Additionally, pedestrians are encouraged to exercise caution when walking along Third Street while work progresses.  The contractor is expected to complete the project in February 2011 with restored bus service to the new Kirkland Transit Center in early 2011.  For more information, contact Katie Kuciemba at 206-398-5459 or

Photo courtesy Sound Transit