Letter | Market Neighborhood Meeting of January 19, 2011

Dear Editor:

I would like to clarify what our neighborhood concerns were about the South Kirkland Park & Ride.  The main questions raised were:

  • Would Kirkland have to put any funds toward it?  Not sure of answer as obviously resources from the city are required for this project but appeared that no actual money would go towards it from the city.
  • How would it impact public school system and was the public school system involved in planning for the increase in children that would come from this development?  The project did not seem to have a strategy for this aspect of the development.
  • Does the city have the resources to accommodate this project (police, fire, public works, etc.)?
  • Much discussion on affordable housing and what that really means.
  • Could we proceed without TOD and just use the funding for additional parking for the Park and Ride as intended by King County?
  • Who will subsidize the affordable housing percentage of development?
  • Is this really a need in Kirkland?

Overall, there was an interesting discussion on the South Kirkland Park & Ride with plenty of time for questions from the residents.  I would not say that the majority of our residents were for or against the project as I believe they are still trying to understand the project.  The affordable housing part of the project needs to be explained better as to how that is a need in Kirkland.  Affordable housing vs. affordable rent should be discussed as well (ownership vs. renting).  I believe that many of our residents do not believe that this is a high priority for the city.  Economic vitality in downtown Kirkland and Totem Lake are areas that seem to be a high priority for many of the residents.  We appreciated Dorian Collin, AICP and Paul Stewart, Deputy Director of Planning and Community Development City of Kirkland, for taking the time to highlight details of the project and answer our questions about it.  We also appreciated Dave Russell and Robert Style for expressing their views and concerns.  We look forward to hearing back from the city with regards to the questions and concerns outlined in this e-mail.


Michelle M. Sailor

Market Neighborhood Chair