Redmond's Traffic Camera Program Begins February 1 with Warning Period (Poll)

Citations with $124 fines begin March 1 from Redmond's Safety Cameras

The City of Redmond’s new Safety Camera Pilot Program begins on February 1, 2011 with three red-light cameras and one school-zone camera.  Redmond Police will issue warning tickets through February.  Citations with fines will begin on March 1.  The fine for a safety camera violation is $124.

The program will run for one year after which the City will evaluate its effectiveness and determine whether to make it permanent.

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The locations of the three intersection cameras are eastbound at 148th Avenue NE and Redmond Way, eastbound and westbound at 156th Avenue NE and NE 40th Street and westbound and northbound at Union Hill Road and Avondale Road.  A study performed in 2009 showed these intersections averaged over 600 vehicles running a red-light per month.

The school zone safety camera is installed eastbound and westbound in front of Einstein Elementary on NE 116th Street in north Redmond.  Here the speeding violations (at least 26 mph in a 20 mph school zone) averaged almost 1000 per month.

“The City of Redmond is committed to the safety of the community and these violations are a clear threat to public safety,” stated Mayor John Marchione.  “The goal of this safety camera program is to change dangerous driver behavior, reduce preventable collisions at signalized intersections and prevent car-pedestrian collisions in school zones.”

A national study indicates over 65 percent of all vehicles travel at least 10 mph over the posted school zone speed.  While a pedestrian has an almost 90 percent survival rate at 20 mph; hit at 30 mph, a pedestrian has less than a 30 percent chance of surviving.

“The revenue generated by fees will be used to support the program itself,” stated Police Commander Shari Shovlin.  “Should the revenue collected exceed the cost of the program, the money will be used only for public and traffic safety programs.”

The City has developed an informational brochure including an insert with frequently asked questions.  Information is available on the City’s website at For additional information, contact Commander Shari Shovlin at or 425-556-2564.

The City of Redmond is committed to the safety of the community and these violations are a clear threat to public safety. The goal of Redmond's red light and school speed zone camera safety program is to modify dangerous driver behavior, reduce preventable collisions at signalized intersections and prevent car-pedestrian accidents in school zones.

From the City of Redmond Public Safety website:

Red Light Camera Locations Violations in City Study

Program Fast Facts

  • Fee per violation = $124
  • Violation is a civil infraction and not reported to insurance agencies or WA Dept of Motor Vehicles
  • All camera locations are clearly signed
  • Fees collected pay for the safety camera program
  • Any revenue over expenses is used for public safety purposes

How the System Works

  • Traffic signals are timed by the City's traffic engineers using nationally recognized procedures.
  • Red light and school speed zone safety cameras monitor approaching vehicles through advanced detection and imaging technology.
  • Red light cameras only photograph a vehicle if it enters the intersection after the light turns red. A second photograph is taken as the vehicle progresses through the intersection. Vehicles entering the intersection on a yellow light are not photographed even if they are still in the intersection when the light turns red.
  • School zone safety cameras operate similarly to red light cameras except they detect the vehicle's speed through a designated area.
  • School zone safety cameras are only operable when the yellow beacon is flashing. No citations are issued for events occurring when beacons are not flashing. Vehicles driving 26 mph and over are photographed.
  • Cameras photograph the vehicle from the rear -- vehicle occupants are not photographed.
  • Cameras record the date, time, lane number, location and speed of the vehicle. A video clip is also recorded.
  • This information is gathered and sent to Redmond Police for final evaluation.
  • If Redmond Police conclude that no violation occurred, no Notice of Infraction is issued.
  • After determining a violation did occur, a Notice of Infraction is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • After receiving the Notice of Infraction in the mail, the registered owner has several courses of action:
    • Pay the fine
    • Request a hearing
  • Submit an affidavit of non-responsibility
  • 148th Ave NE and Redmond Way
    Eastbound on Redmond Way 33 per day (est. 858/m)

    156th Ave NE and NE 40th St
    Eastbound on NE 40th St 32 per day (est. 832/m)
    Westbound on NE 40th St 9 per day (est.234/m)

    Union Hill Rd and Avondale Rd
    Westbound on Union Hill Rd 24 per day (est. 624/m)
    Northbound on Avondale Rd 20 per day (est. 520/m)

    School Speed Zone Camera Locations
    Einstein Elementary -- 18025 NE 116th St
    East/Westbound combined

    8:30 to 9:15 am 34 per day (est. 680/m)
    3:30 to 4 pm 63 per day (est. 1260/m)