Letter | Vote YES on the LWSD capital levy

I have lived within the Lake Washington School district boundaries for 43 years.  I attended Rose Hill Elementary.  My sixth grade class was in one of four old metal Quonset huts (probably Korean War surplus) used as class rooms.   I graduated from Lake Washington High School.  While I have fond memories of the schools I attended, I am glad to see the buildings replaced by ones that will serve their students well.   My two sons attended John Muir Elementary and Kamiakin Junior High School and graduated from Juanita High School.  I know well the need to modernize/replace these schools.   A major factor that seems to get overlooked in the rebuild/remodel discussion of our schools is the need to house and educate the students of the affected school during construction.  Anyone that has remodeled their home knows how long it can take and how disruptive it can be to daily life.  The same is true for a school, only for 400-1500 students and teachers.  It is difficult enough to live next to a construction project, nearly impossible to live in one.   Now I have a grandchild.  He will need a classroom in three and a half years.  It may not be in the Lake Washington School district, but someone’s child will need that classroom.  The LWSD is planning for the future needs of our students and needs our support now.   I believe that not only does it take a whole community to support excellent schools, it take generations.   Our students need classrooms now, vote YES for the LWSD capital levy.   Johanna Palmer