LWSD Responds to Hall Letter about Levy

The following letter from the Lake Washington School District is in response to points made in a letter to the editor from Paul Hall. You can read Hall's original letter at http://www.kirklandviews.com/archives/24241

The 2006 bond was designed to modernize district schools to a high standard as requested by our community and passed by voters.  The term modernization as defined by the district assumes a total building upgrade, including compliance with the district educational specifications, design standards and guidelines; compliance with current building, fire, life safety, health and accessibility codes; as well as all necessary improvements to extend the building life for 50 years. A complete analysis of the costs of renovating versus building a new building in lieu of renovating an old one is done for each project. The school board reviews that report before any decision is made on how to proceed on any project as part of a public board meeting. The district and school board have been proceeding as promised to the voters.   The district paid for a voters’ pamphlet after receiving many complaints from the community when it did not spend the money to participate in the voters’ pamphlet with last year’s ballot measures. The cost is set by King County Elections. The district by law is allowed one informational mailing on the measure, which was in black and white. It is not allowed to do calling of any kind and has not done so. Mr. Hall may be thinking of efforts by the Lake Washington Citizen’s Levy Committee, a community group that is actively advocating for the measure.   Kathryn Reith Communications Director, Lake Washington School District