3rd Street in Downtown opens for (intermittent) two-way traffic

After more than a year of construction, including a few delays, the new Kirkland Transit Center, located on Third Street between Central Way and Kirkland Avenue, is about to open.

Sound Transit’s contractor is expected to complete the project this month, with restored bus service to the new transit center beginning Saturday, Feb. 26.

In addition, Third Street is now ready for intermittent two-way traffic. The road’s pavement is finished and traffic signals are installed. That work was completed Wednesday afternoon. Closing a single lane of traffic may still be required while Sound Transit’s contractor completes the signage, art elements and the site is cleaned up.

While work progresses, pedestrians are encouraged to exercise caution when walking along Third Street. The pedestrian crossing mid-block on Third Street, connecting Park Lane to the ball fields and Kirkland Library, will open to the public in mid-February.

To learn about bus service and boarding locations for ST Route 540 and Metro routes 230, 234, 236, 238, 245, 248 and 255 at the Kirkland Transit Center, visit http://metro.kingcounty.gov/up/scvchange.html.

A faint cheer could be heard from folks inside the Heathman Hotel and the Kirkland Library as the road re-opened for two-way traffic.

For questions or more information, contact Katie Kuciemba at 206-398-5459 or katie.kuciemba@soundtransit.org.