Eastside Rail Corridor Draft Interest Statement Released

The City of Kirkland Transportation Commission has released a draft of their Eastside Rail Corridor Interest Statement. The Statement contains 13 separate interests and the Commission is interested in knowing if the Interest Statement, as a whole, accurately reflects the goals and ideals of the community.

You are invited to review the Draft Interest Statement and let the Commission know if it is comprehensive, if anything is missing, or if anything should be removed.  Kirkland neighbors are invited to visit Eastside Rail Corridor Webpage and share their thoughts about the document by February 28, 2011.  Survey results will be presented to the Transportation Commission and City Council.

Summary of interests

  • Serve transportation needs of Kirkland
  • Keep the Corridor in public ownership
  • Develop a plan to actively use the corridor in the near future
  • Maintain the corridor in good condition
  • Contribute to economic sustainability
  • Connect Totem Lake
  • Protect neighborhood feel and atmosphere
  • Plan for a multi-use facility
  • Serve the transportation needs of pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Plan any transit use in close consultation with the City of Kirkland
  • Transit service must be designed to move people
  • Consider grade crossing delay and safety
  • Disclose and mitigate environmental impacts