An Idea to revitalize Kirkland - How to make urban alleys work

Crosscut has published an article containing some great ideas for how to improve the urban landscape. The artcle, How to make urban alleys work, written by Mark Hinshaw, describes imaginative design competitions held in Seattle to apply the lessons learned in Europe, using simple green plantings and emphasizing the ornamental features of buildings.

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An example given in the article is Maiden Lane just off Union Square in San Francisco. Maiden Lane is a charming alley which has merchant storefronts flowing into the street to meet customers as they walk the pedestrian-only street.

Interesting and insightful article about "reinventing" urban alleys in Seattle. Could we apply the concept to Kirkland?"

Maureen Kelly via Facebook

We couldn't agree more with Maureen. Wouldn't it be great to see Kirkland apply some of these ideas to our parts of town which could use an economic boost, some spit and polish and some fresh ideas?

A lesson to learn from this story is that when a city taps into the creativity and imagination of the populous, great things can happen. Seattle has learned that not every good idea germinates from within confines of City Hall.

Thank you to Maureen Kelly for sharing
this article and her comments with us.