City Urban Forester responds | Park Lane tree downed by wind storm

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The City of Kirkland's Urban Forester, Deb Powers, has responded to a few questions we asked her following the event on Saturday afternoon when a large tree was blown down on Park Lane, damaging four cars and closing the road for hours.

Q: What type of tree was it that fell on Park Lane on Saturday?

A: Norway Maple / Acer Plantanoides

Q: What was the age of the tree?

A: Precise age unknown, no one on the scene of the incident counted its growth rings, which would have given a definitive answer to the question of its age. However, its trunk diameter (18.5 inches dbh) indicates it’s a tad over 20 years old.

Q: What was the condition of the tree when the city graded them a year or so ago?

A: The City gave the tree a “report card grade” of B+ in March 2010.  FYI - the report cards were posted as a notice for a Park Lane stakeholders event and to facilitate the public’s discussion on the trees; the grades were not given as a technical tree risk assessment score.

Q: Did the city have any plans for the tree prior to this incident?

A: The City had included Tree #435 with a group of Park Lane trees worthy of retention.

Thank you to Deb for the quick response!