Who do you trust? Politicians' promises or common sense?

When will we stop spending money we don't have? President Obama just sent Congress a $3.73 TRILLION budget which is a slap in the face of every hard working American and a kick in the teeth to our children and grandchildren who will be saddled with this bill. In case you have been asleep behind the wheel, AMERICA IS SPENDING MONEY WE DONT HAVE!!! For every dollar we spend, 40 cents of it is borrowed from China and other countries. Just like your credit card in your wallet, America is wasting money and accumulating more debt.

Yes, I know these are hard times but I'll tell you one thing, common sense tell me we are heading for trouble and its time for adults to cut up Obama's credit card. I don't know if the Republicans are any better than the Democrats at fixing the problem but the election last November was a sign that America has had enough of business as usual. The Democrats had total control of congress and the white house and they spent like drunken sailors jeopardizing our our grandchildren's future. Last year the house didn't even submit a budget - then they got kicked out of power. Serves them right I say.

Monday's newspaper tells it like it is:

The president's 2012 budget projects that the deficits will total $7.21 trillion over the next decade with the imbalances never falling below $607 billion. Even then that would exceed the deficit record before Obama took office of $458.6 billion in 2008, President George W. Bush's last year in office." - Seattle Times

Bush was no good at keeping spending down either and at the time everyone was screaming at how high his deficits were. Where are those screamers now? It seems like they have stuck their heads in the ground while their guy is in office. Hypocrites!

We Americans need to stop being childish and face up the the fact that we are selfish and continue to vote for politicians who make promises any guy on the street knows they cannot keep. We need to grow up. Continued spending at this level is not the answer to our problems, and don't trust anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

The President's own deficit commission says we need to cut entitlement spending but he is ignoring it because of political reasons. Cuts in entitlements and defense have to be made. Look at federal spending for 2010 and you'll see that discretionary spending is only 19% of the budget. That means that if you are serious about reducing spending you have to cut out of the other 81%. That's common sense. The President is not serious because he is not willing to touch entitlements.

Here's some free advice, America: Stop acting like petulant children. Think about what our addiction to spending on credit is doing to this great nation. Stop listening to the pie in the sky promises of the politicians. Stop voting for these hypocrites who try to sell us a bill of goods… AGAIN and AGAIN!

Open your eyes America. We are destroying our country that we love and we are too selfish, too foolish or too ignorant to realize.

Our grandparents generation built what we have today. Our generation is squandering our grandchildren's future.

Grow up America. Act like an adult. Your grandchildren will thank you.



Ralph, Wow, you sure are a puppet saying what Sara Palin and Rush Limbaugh want you to say. You neanderthal Republicans are all the same. How soon you forget that it was George Bush and his gang that got us into two wars, one totally unnecessary, and took a federal budget with a tidy surplus and started the path to the huge deficit we have. You and your ilk gave a huge tax cut to all your rich buddies and now you are crying because your actions have got us into the mess we are in. I am sick of you people talking about our granchildren, let's fix the problems now for we the people. Give me a specific set of actions that will get us out of the financial mess we are in. Instead all you do is whine and complain without proposing any solutions. I have seen you at Wal-Mart. Who do you think makes most of the items they sell!? China,that's who. And you complain about China making goods you buy at that store. Talk about hypocrisy. Cut entitlement spending,huh! Screw the old folks who made this country what it is. How about reinstating the taxes on your rich pals and removing the limit on wages for social security. You fat cats say cut defense spending. What a joke, your kind supports the military-industrial complex that our great Republican President Eisenhower warned us about. What about the banks and investment houses that are raking in huge profits because you people gave them all these bailouts and cancelled laws that made them act responsibly. I don't know why I bother responding to your blather, you never change and all you do is cry.

Kindest regards,


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