Letter | Thank you Kirkland Rotary and community for Milkin home rebuild

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share with you a brief update regarding the ongoing community effort to complete the Milkin home rebuild. Since our enormously successful Veteran's Day event, much work has been going on behind the scenes to complete the home. For the last two months, more than 10 companies have been involved in donating materials and the labor needed to finish the basement. We anticipate the basement will be completed over the next few weeks. Once this is done, we will have completed all of the interior work on the home. So exciting!

With the interior work complete, our attention is now focused towards the garage rebuild as well as the memorial gazebo. As you know, part of our Veteran's Day event included tearing down the original 1948 detached garage. Since then, we have been working on fundraising to cover the costs of the permits needed to build the new garage. I am thrilled to report that our local Kirkland Rotary recently donated the $1049 needed to cover the cost of the permit and in addition donated another $663.00 to go towards purchasing materials needed to build the structure. Today, we received a $500 donation from the Bellevue Sunrise Rotary which will also go towards materials for the garage.

We are so grateful to this incredible community for their support over the last year. We look forward to July, when we will have a large community event marking the completion of this project. At that time local and state officials will join the greater community and Sgt. Leonid Milkin in celebrating the completion of the home.

Thank you, Kirkland Views for all that you have done to keep the Kirkland community updated on our efforts.


Michele Yousef