Applications for Community "Pea Patch" Gardens due March 1

With a nice sunny weekend, like this past one, you've probably got a hankering for some gardening.   If you live somewhere that doesn't have the space or sunshine for a garden you are in luck. The community garden movement has seen explosive growth in the past five years.

“Community garden” refers to a site, often publicly owned, where individuals take charge of and maintain assigned plots, usually for a small fee. The American Community Gardening Association ( estimates there are now more than 1 million active sites nationwide.  Here in Kirkland there are four community gardens.

Growing vegetables is an inexpensive way of putting food on the table and you don't need to worry about food safety. Eating locally grown produce helps to reduce your carbon footprint and creating more nutritious and flavorful meals.

Three of the four are operated by the City of Kirkland, and a new one in South Rose Hill is located at Lake Washington United Methodist Church (LWUMC).

City of Kirkland Community Gardens


LWUMC  Community Garden

All four gardens have a March 1st deadline for submitting an application.

For more information about the City of Kirkland gardens, visit their Community Gardens website.

For more information about First Fruits, visit Lake Washington United Methodist Church.