LWSD Schools Closed Due to Weather; Kirkland Residents and Businesses Encouraged to Prepare for Snow and Cold Weather Expected Wednesday through Thursday


All schools in the Lake Washington School District will be closed today due to weather. There is no extended day care. All programs and activities area cancelled.

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The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Winter Weather Advisory and Winter Storm Watch for the mountain ranges and parts of Western Washington.  Snow and below freezing temperatures are expected in the next two days in various areas.  The City of Kirkland encourages residents and businesses to be prepared by checking your commute route prior to leaving, ensuring you have emergency supplies for your family and workplace, and staying informed about weather conditions.

In the event of snow requiring street maintenance, the City will give first priority for snow plowing on roads that are near Evergreen Hospital and lead to and from I-405, transit routes, schools and fire stations.  Second priority will be given to arterials that have above normal traffic use.  Steep and hilly public roadways that are difficult to maintain will be closed. To view the Snow Plow Priority Routes map, go to www.ci.kirkland.wa.us/emergency.  To report hazardous road conditions, flooding or other dangers in the public-right-of-way within Kirkland city limits, call the Public Works Maintenance Center at 425-587-3900 (24-hours).

Hazardous Road Conditions; Winter Driving

Icy road conditions will likely occur, impacting Wednesday and Thursday commutes. Drivers are encouraged to stay off roadways when road conditions are hazardous.  If you have to drive, stock your car with basic safety equipment such as jumper cables, ice scraper, tow chains, tire chains and a small shovel.  Vehicles should also have road flares, blankets, gloves, warm clothing, flashlights with batteries and a first aid kit.  If you must drive, allow ample time to reach your destination and keep your gas tank full.

Personal Preparedness & Home Safety

Citizens and businesses are reminded to have emergency supplies for home, work and vehicles.  Citizens should have their emergency kits ready including food, water, alternative shelter, a land-line telephone, transistor/battery-operated radio and other tools that can help them respond to an emergency.

The American Red Cross encourages residents to check on their neighbors who have special needs, such as disabled persons and seniors.

Remember to use alternate heat sources safely and wisely.  Follow manufacturers’ instructions.  Adequately vent fueled space heaters (e.g. kerosene, propane, alcohol) to avoid fatal carbon monoxide gas buildup.  Do not use outdoor grills, camp stoves, or generators indoors, including in garages, as they may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Weather Conditions and Emergency Public Information

Current and forecasted weather conditions are available at www.weather.gov/seattle.

Emergency public information will be made available on the City’s website at www.ci.kirkland.wa.us/emergency, posted to KGOV Channel 21 and KLIFE Channel 75 and emailed via the Neighborhood EBulletin.  To subscribe to the e-bulletin, go to the City’s website and click on the “Kirkland Email Alerts” icon.  City recreation programs will be cancelled per Lake Washington School District’s school cancellation policy.

To receive regional emergency news alerts, subscribe to the Regional Public Information Network (RPIN) at www.rpin.org.