Letter | Houghton Community Council supporters get technology to help with petition drive

Dear Editor:

With less than a week, overall, to prepare counter arguments to a surprise legislative move to disband HCC, local residents have gone electronic in their petition gathering.

Residents may now go on to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savehcc/ to electronically sign the petition that will ask the State Senate to vote against passage of the bill that would otherwise threaten the agreement that was made between the City of Kirkland and City of Houghton as a requirement of the consolidation of the two cities.  The terms of the consolidation provided that Houghton Community Council would have oversight in land use decisions so that there would not be a diminished ability to protect special features of the area.

In addition to this technological method of signing a petition, there are volunteers gathering signatures at Metropolitan Market today from noon to 3pm and individual letters, emails and phone calls are being requested.  On Tuesday, Lakeview residents and Central Houghton residents are encouraged to join together to testify in front of the 7 member Senate Committee on Government Operations.

The details of the issue and all the contact information is posted in other recent letters to Kirkland Views, "Petition started to Save the Houghton Community Council," and "Legislature trying to quietly kill the Houghton Community Council?"

Karen Levenson