Letter | Studio East and Singing in the Rain

Dear Editor:

I am emailing you because I want to let everyone know about the amazing play I saw last night at Kirkland's very own Studio East!!! I am hoping we can fill the house for the remaining shows....It's SUCH a great musical that everyone must see it...it's fun, easy entertainment for ages 8 and up AND by coming to this fabulous musical, you are supporting a local non-profit that is providing incredible opportunities for young people to discover and explore the performing arts!!!

Quite possibly the purest movie musical ever made, "Singin' In the Rain," directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, has everything you could want in a musical: A good story, perfect cast, imaginative choreography, memorable music and songs, terrific performances, and a presentation that is nothing less than inspired. It takes you behind the scenes of the movie business, set during the transitional period between the heyday of silent films and the advent of talkies.

And now Lani Brockman, the Artistic Director of Studio East, has brought this musical to the stage!  The talent these children (ages 11-19) possess is incredible and will make you forget that these kids are students of Studio East! Zach Barr as Cosmo Brown and Zach Brockman as Don Lockwood are an incredible pair that work beautifully together!! Just like Gene Kelley and Donald O'Conner!! Tatum Ludlam as Kathy Selden and Megan Schutzler as Lina Lamont are SPOT ON! The singing, the dancing..it's all just absolutely fantastic!!!!

Singing in the Rain opened Friday, March 11 and it is absolutely a MUST SEE musical!!! I promise that you will laugh and smile your way through the entire play!!

If you LOVE Singing in the Rain you MUST come to this play!!! http://studio-east.org/

Studio East 11730 118th Ave NE Suite 100 Kirkland, WA 98034 (425) 820-1800 Here's to supporting our community and our incredible children.