Kirkland Views refreshes logo, marks 3rd anniversary

In April, Kirkland Views marks its third year of bringing local news and views to the City of Kirkland. In recognition of this milestone, we have refreshed our logo with a new color scheme.

Our goal in updating the logo was to improve readability and visual impact, yet not with such a radical redesign as to lose familiarity. The new Kirkland Views logo presents the same familiar design elements of Kirkland's iconic Marina Park in a simplified form. We brought in the color blue, representing our proximity to the lake which is such an integral part of Kirkland's identity. And in a tip of the hat to one reader who thought the name "Kirkland Views" sounded like a real estate company, we added the tag line "local news."

Everything about us remains unchanged: the same local ownership, local focus, and commitment to our local community... just with a new logo. We still provide the same tasty local news goodness, just in a new wrapper.

Thank you for your support!