Snow Day Make-Up Schedule Set for Lake Washington Schools

Three and a half days added to end of school year

Due to three and a half snow days earlier in the year, the new last day of school will be June 22. School was not held on the two days before Thanksgiving, which included one full day (November 23) and one half day (November 24). In addition, there was no school on two days in February.

Instead of ending with a half day on June 16, there will be full school days on June 16 (Thursday), 17 (Friday) and 20 (Monday). Because one of the days missed was a half day and the last day of school is a half day, there will be two half days to end the school year – June 21 (Tuesday) and 22 (Wednesday).

The one-page sheet calendar and the page-per-month wall calendars have been updated on the district website to reflect these changes.