Volunteers Rally To Complete Rebuild of Milkin Home (video)

The work of hundreds of volunteers, contractors and landscapers and years of effort to complete the rebuild of Sgt. Leonid Milkin's house came to completion over Memorial Day weekend as finishing touches were added on Saturday afternoon. The house is now filled with a new decor and furniture thanks to a generous gift from Greenbaum Home Furnishings.

The tragic murder of Milkin's two children, his wife and her sister and while he was serving overseas took place almost 5 years ago. The murderer, who tried to cover his tracks by setting the house ablaze, has since been found guilty and is now on death row.  Q13FOX

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[box style="rounded" border="full"]Over the past few years we have had the privilege to meet Sgt. Leonid Milkin and some of the volunteers working to help rebuild a house which was destroyed and a life which was shattered. We have found all of these folks to be kind, caring and genuine and we feel privileged to call them neighbors. We wish Sgt. Milkin all the peace and happiness in the world.[/box]