Scott Galbraith to Challenge Incumbent Dave Asher for Kirkland City Council

On Friday, June 10, 2011, 32 year Finn Hill resident Scott Galbraith filed for Kirkland City Council Position Number 6, challenging incumbent Councilmember Dave Asher for his seat.

In a telephone interview with Kirkland Views, Galbraith said he has not sought political office before and that he is running for City Council because, "the views of people in the annexation area are different from the views of those downtown. We never had a lot of rules and regulations."

Galbraith was opposed to the annexation, but now wants to ensure the views of the annexation area are represented in City Hall. He is concerned about Kirkland's staffing, and service levels. He is concerned about the area's parks now that they are within Kirkland's boarders and cited the "fiasco at Juanita Beach" as an example of why Kirkland needs his perspective as an outsider.

Galbraith runs a packaging company, Scott Lumber Packaging, with an office in Kirkland and mills in Canada. "The City doesn't know what we want, and we don't know what the City wants," says the is a self-described Independent.

A photo is not available at this time.

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