Car Prowler Hits Juanita Bay and Heritage Parks | LETTER

To the Editor:


On Wednesday, June 15, at about noon, my truck was parked in the lower parking lot of Heritage Park, next to Heritage Hall. I had been working in the lower level of Heritage Hall in the Kirkland Heritage Society Resource Center and had to make two trips to load things into my truck as I prepared to leave.


In the approximately two minutes between trips, car prowlers stole my laptop briefcase and a gym bag containing work materials. My briefcase contained my laptop computer, camera and video camera. My laptop was not of any great value, but it contained hundreds of hours of writing work and scanned historic photographs and other items important to me.


I reported the theft to Kirkland Police and worked with Officer Lansing, who was very helpful. She told me that earlier in that same day, someone broke a window in a car at Juanita Bay Park and stole a woman’s purse. It sounds like the thieves made Heritage Park their next stop. She also told me that car prowls have been on the increase in Kirkland.


These car prowlers were brazen in their actions: high noon right in plain sight just off Market Street! The thieves obviously watched me go to my truck and then pounced the moment I walked away.


I write just to warn everyone that while it is easy to be lulled into a false sense of security here in Kirkland, there is every need to exercise caution with respect to valuables left in vehicles. Please be careful!


-Matt McCauley