Kirkland Police and County K-9 Units Track Suspects Hiding in Juanita Bay Park

Kirkland Police and King County Sheriff K-9 units track suspects hiding under foot bridge at Juanita Bay Park Sunday morning. Eight or more police vehicles and two K-9 units surround park unit suspects apprehended.

Early Sunday morning at about 4:30 a.m.,  the Kirkland Police Department received a report of a dark colored pickup truck driving at reckless speeds. The vehicle was found abandoned near Rose Point in the Market neighborhood and police began a search for two or possibly three individuals suspected of theft, possible burglary and possible reckless driving.

According to Kirkland Police Sgt. Rob Saloum, King County K-9 unit was a dispatched to Juanita Bay Park near the abandoned vehicle in search of the suspects. The County K-9 unit was later relieved by Max, the popular K-9 working with the Kirkland Police Department.

After hours of searching, two suspects were apprehended hiding under a foot bridge in Juanita Bay Park. Police have a possible I.D. on a third suspect.

Several readers of Kirkland Views contacted us with reports of police activity at Juanita Bay Park on Sunday morning:

On an early walk (7:30), we encountered 8+ police cars and an officer told us they were pursuing 2 fugitives in the park with a canine unit. Had been since 4:30 a.m. I hope they caught them....

via email

Wife tried to walk by with dog. Was told to stay away from park; "that's the last thing we need right now, a dog in the park, when we have two tracking". Watched from our deck. Simply too many officers for just a training exercise on a Sunday morning.

via Facebook

Thank you to our many readers for the heads up on this story.