Juanita Beach Park Renovation Work to Restart; Park To Open "As Soon As Possible"

Kirkland Expedites Juanita Beach Park Renovation

City authorizes Marshbank Construction to complete improvements for beach access

The City of Kirkland has authorized Marshbank Construction to expedite construction to allow public access to the beach at Juanita Beach Park this summer.  The City terminated its contract with the former contractor, DMSL Construction, Inc., on June 3 for numerous reasons including its failure to complete the project by June 1.  Marshbank Construction is expected to begin work soon and it is hoped that citizens will have access to the beach this summer. Instead of receiving a lump sum for the contract, due to the urgency, Marshbank Construction will be paid for work done and materials provided as they accrue.


“Our goal is to open up Juanita Beach Park as soon as possible while still protecting the City’s financial interests,” said City Manager Kurt Triplett.  “Thanks to the swift action by the City Council, our agreement with Marshbank Construction gives us the best opportunity to meet both of those goals. The waiver granted by the Council allows us to bypass the six to eight weeks of a formal bidding process and maximize the chance that the beach will open this summer.”

The City was able to forego standard competitive bidding requirements to hire a contractor to finish this project because the City Council unanimously passed a resolution waiving those requirements at its regular meeting on June 7, 2011.

Environmental concerns and the urgent need to reopen the park to citizens who had already lost one summer of park use prompted the resolution. After receiving the waiver, the City hired Marshbank Construction on June 13 to protect the site, implement erosion control measures and evaluate the steps necessary to complete the project and open the park.  At the same time, the City has been working cooperatively with DMSL’s bond company, First Sealord Surety Inc, in order to protect the City’s financial interests.  At the request of First Sealord, Kirkland evaluated a subsequent proposal by DMSL to complete the work.  DMSL’s proposal did not demonstrate the ability to finish the project.  Therefore the City has given Marshbank Construction direction to proceed with the work as soon as possible.

“We are pleased the City has selected us to help reopen the park,” notes David Marshbank, owner.

In the interim, the City continues to work with First Sealord Surety, Inc., the company that holds the performance bond of the terminated first contractor.  Sealord and the City are evaluating what the full cost will be to complete the entire project, including the work to open the beach, and what costs will be the responsibility of the surety.

The City had entered into a contract with DMSL Construction, Inc. in March, 2010 for $1.18 million to complete improvements to Juanita Beach Park. Construction began in May, 2010. The contractor was only compensated for actual work which it completed in the park, the balance that remains on the contract is $448,744.  These funds will be used to defray the costs to complete the project.

For project updates, go to www.kirklandwa.gov/parks and select Park Planning & Development or contact Jennifer Schroder, Director, Kirkland Parks & Community Services Department at 425-587-3301 or jschroder@kirklandwa.gov.