MDA Lock-Up in Kirkland Raises Money to Send Kids to Camp

On Thursday, former Kirkland mayor Bill Woods was among other questionable characters in town being "locked up for good" at Anthony's Homeport Restaurant in downtown Kirkland. Woods, disguised as Rooster Cogburn as played by the legendary John Wayne, was "booked" and had his mugshot taken by MDA staff and volunteers from the Kirkland Fire Department. The event benefitted the Muscular Dystrophy Association and helped send local kids to camp.

Wanted individuals were transported by KFD volunteers in vehicles provided by Ford of Kirkland and Lexus of Bellevue.

Thank you to the many friends and family who donated to help us make bail. And if you are ever given the option of being booked in the Kirkland jail of at the Anthony's "jail," choose the latter. The salmon they serve their "prisoners" is excellent.