Kirkland Views Launches 2011 Kirkland Voter Guide

Kirkland Views has launched its 2011 Kirkland Voter Guide bringing the citizens of greater Kirkland up to date information about the primary and general elections coming later this year (in fact, primary ballots will be mailed to voters on July 27). The voter guide will be continually updated as news and new information comes to light.

Of course we will cover the important Kirkland City Council races - inside and out. We will also provide information on other issues affecting us such as initiatives, school boards, as well as the races for governor and congressional local seats.

We welcome your participation in the process and comments about the races. If you have questions you'd like asked of our Kirkland City Council candidates, please send them to us at

We look forward to a good, clean election season.


Visit 2011 Kirkland Voter Guide.