Kudos to the Keepers of Norkirk's Traffic Circles

Norkirk is one of Kirkland's oldest neighborhoods, sitting on the hill just north of downtown. In an effort to slow cut-through traffic by commuters, the neighborhood has many traffic circles and similar traffic calming devises. Aside from the occasional drunk who drives over, rather than around, traffic circles have generally been seen as improving safety in the neighborhood.

Recently, the Norkirk neighborhood started a campaign to recruit volunteers to adopt the dozen or so traffic circles in a beautification effort. Several volunteers have stepped forward including Councilmember Jessica Greenway and Ken Nelson, pictured above, who maintain the traffic circle near their home on 15th Ave. Several times each year, the couple plants, weeds and maintains this island of greenery. This past week they were seen installing a new ginko tree in the circle.

We say Kudos to Jessica, Ken and the other volunteer stewards of Norkirk's traffic circles. Thank you for doing your part in making our city a better place.

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