Neighbors Lawyer Up; Appeal Potala Village on Lake Street

Kirkland Views has learned that multiple appeals have been filed with the City of Kirkland against a planned multi-family development, Potala Village, on Lake Street South at 10th Avenue South in the Moss Bay neighborhood. We received a copy of a letter to the City of Kirkland from the law firm Foster Pepper, representing the interests of neighboring residents. The letter states that neighbors would appeal the City's Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) to the Hearing Examiner if the City did not address their concerns by June 28.

According to the letter, the project is "almost ten times the density of any neighboring structure ore zone. It includes at least ten times the number of units of any single development in the vicinity." The Potala Village website describes the project in the following manner:

Potala Village Kirkland is a mixed-use project consisting of 143 luxury apartment units with spectacular views of Lake Washington. We are providing 1.7 stalls of secure parking per unit plus additional guest parking. The building will have 6,000 square feet of retail space plus retail parking. This will be the first mix-use 100% smoke free LEED silver certified building in Kirkland and the East Side.

The letter claims that the project has been inadequately studied and that the City failed to recognize the probable significant environmental impacts of the project when it issued the DNS. In addition, the City should withdraw its DNS and prepare an Environmental Impact Statement or re-issue its DNS with conditions sufficient to mitigate the project's impacts.

Stated arguments in support of the appeal:

1. The City Erred in Issuing a DNS - the Project Will Impose Significant Environmental Impacts that Must be Studied in an EIS Among the significant environmental impacts are:

  • Neighborhood Aesthetics
  • Density
  • Traffic
  • Construction
  • Environmental contamination
  • Plants and animals
  • Recreation

2. The City Should Exercise its Broad Authority to Condition Projects Under Substantive SEPA

The concluding paragraph of the letter states that the firm's clients would like to work with the developer and the City to arrive at a solution that is acceptable for all parties.