51 Lot Subdivision in Kingsgate to Break Ground This Summer

The Totem Lake Neighborhoods has posted plans for Phase 1 of the Burnstead Homes Preliminary Plat. The plat was approved a few years ago by King County and has been dormant for a few years due to the economy.

Burnstead Homes has Preliminary Plat approval from King Countyfor a 51 lot subdivision on the east side of 136th in the Kingsgate neighborhood.  They plan on starting initial construction of their storm vault, surface water connections, and sewer connections this summer and we will be issuing that grading permit within the next week or so.  This will just be Phase 1 (attached and highlighted in yellow) of a larger project.  Burnstead has not indicated when they plan to proceed with development of the subdivision and individual homes.

The approved Phase 1 plan includes installing temporary construction access from 136th to the east side of the site where the storm water vault is located.  From vault, utility connections will installed going down the hill to the railroad right-of-way.

The project has been reviewed and approved by the County through a public process, but has been dormant for a few years due to the economy.

Jeremy McMahan, Planning Supervisor for the City of Kirkland