Should Street Food Come To Kirkland?

Seattle has become quite well-known for its delicious street food culture, and one can find street food trucks sporadically on the Eastside. Long lines form at lunchtime for quality cuisine from Marination, Maximus Minimus, Veraci Pizza and others.

Last year, the Kirkland waterfront was awash with such dining options as the Kirkland Wednesday Market attracted them to Marina Park. With the move of the market to Park Lane, this year we have few such options available. Tacos El Guero (now located in Houghton across the street from Metropolitan Market) and Pomppeii Woodfired Pizza (at the Juanita Friday Market) are two local examples in town.

There is a big opportunity available for anyone in town with a parking lot. Note the photo above. The Maximus Bus has a dedicated parking space in a private lot which is rented out by the food vendor. For those not familiar with the cult following these food vendors have, I suggest you look them up online.

Note to parking lot owners in Kirkland: IF YOU PAINT IT, THEY WILL COME. I have personally spoken to half a dozen vendors about coming to Kirkland and they are very interested. The vendors prefer to park on private property rather than dealing with municipalities.

Let's hope we see more deliciousness rolling into town soon! I'll see you in line.