Remembering Kirkland's 4th of July |LETTER

Hi all,   When I was a little girl, I remember my Dad taking me to a parade in downtown San Jose, CA. I remember him pointing to the veterans, just a few walking in formation together, old timers, he said had been in WWI.  That is the only thing I remember from that parade. Perhaps it was my Dad’s love of history, or his compassion for those who have served our country. . . that gave my sister and me such patriotic blood.   Fast forward to today, and for the past 11 years I’ve been honored to help with the Kirkland July 4th parade and manage the veteran’s participation in this special event. . . Our veterans show up early for a reception, to sign-in, receive a boutonniere, eat goodies and socialize.   My sister is my right hand and over the years many special friends and family have helped receive our honored guests.  Big thanks to all the volunteers who work on the parade and to my son and daughter for helping to make this 2+ minute picture book for you.   Thank you for viewing and honoring our veterans. “Let freedom ring”.   Maureen “Mo”