Financial standards stupor over time | LETTER

Dear Editor,

It appears we have the President and Congressional financial advisors chasing their tails trying to find a way to solve our financial uncertainty, an uncertainty that is blocking the way toward financial stability and opportunities. At present, there is no financial standard that we can hang our hat on that can't be changed; hence, we are hanging on to our wallets. We have lost faith in our country to manage its affairs.

It will take something more than political rhetoric to regain our trust in government and our financial system. We don't need politicians changing the rules pushing banks to lowering their rates and accept unqualified loans. The election in November may help if we find individuals that will adopt a financial standard that doesn't change with every political whim.

People don't like the rules governing debt, investments, savings, and loan qualifications change whenever the President and Congress want to. How do we know what to invest in or where to put our money? How are we to know who to trust?

A financial standard that doesn't change at the whim of Government is what we need. Flexibility in a changing world can be dealt with as long as the bottom line standard doesn't change.

Let’s allow individuals to make wise saving and investment decisions with standards they can trust over time. They need to be able to support themselves and their families. Their quality of life depends on it as does our nation.

Bob Style