Unhappy About Uncorked | LETTER

Dear Editor,

Bold Hat Productions / Kirkland Uncorked has taken $130,000 from YOUR sales taxes for this little festival.

They keep money from ticket sales (Pre-sold) and tent rentals (pre-paid), only Kirkland merchants were hurt by this rain-out, regular customers stayed away because Uncorked usually takes all the parking, tents for carnival trinkets, chiropractors, newspaper subscriptions and aluminum windows (all out of area) totally blocked local merchants from the few people downtown because Bold Hat Productions can get an additional $300 for every tent sold.

BOLD HAT gets paid for tickets first BOLD HAT rents to out of area merchants - hurting local merchants BOLD HAT rents to out of area food vendors hurting local restaurants BOLD HAT presells tickets so rain doesn't hurt them at all BOLD HAT gets an average of $32,000 a year from City of Kirkland taxes

BOLD HAT is supposed to make a "generous contribution" to the Hope Heart Institute because they pay nothing for Marina Park... they've given $7,000 over 4 years - that's $1,750 per year!

John Michael Gilday