Please Do Not Feed The Ducks

Did you know that it is illegal to feed waterfowl in Kirkland parks? Kirkland's waterfront parks are often filled with ducks and other hungry-looking waterfowl, but don't let them deceive you. Feeding them is not healthy for them or for the health of those using the park near the shore. One of the many downsides includes birds ingesting human food which is not part of their natural diet.

The parks do have "Please do not feed the waterfowl" signs, so please do what's best for the birds -- follow the rules and avoid feeding them.

For those who like to read municipal codes, please visit KMC Section 11.80 - Park Rules (

11.80.080 Teasing, annoying or injuring animals prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person in any park, in any manner to tease, annoy, disturb, molest, catch, injure or kill or to throw any stone or missile of any kind at or strike with any stick or weapon any animal, bird or fowl; or to catch any fish or feed any fowl except at those places as may be so designated for the catching of fish or the feeding of fowl by the director. (Ord. 2120 § 9, 1970)

To answer the question “...except at those places,” currently the City does not have any such places so designated for the feeding of fowl.

Thank you to Karen Story and Jason Filan.

Duck Photo courtesy of Flickr user JoshuaDavisPhotography