Juanita Beach Park Opens to the Public (photos)

[nggallery id=160] Some thought this day would never come. The year Kirklanders waited while renovation work closed one of the city's premier parks was bad enough, but when the contractor fell behind schedule and was eventually fired from the job on June 1st, many people had pasted their boiling point. Emails, letters and comments on these pages were filled with anger and many questions. Why has there been so little progress? How could these delays happen? When will we be able to use our park again? 

City Hall was listening. In fact, in a city known for "process" the red tape was cut in an all hands on deck manner to fast track the Juanita Beach Park renovation project, find a new contractor and open the park (or as much as possible) to the public as soon as possible.

Hopes were high and the city came through. The official opening of the park was held on Friday, August 5, 2011, just sixty four days after the termination by the city of the previous contract.

We would like to say Kudos to all involved in opening Juanita Beach Park. The list is long and we can't acknowledge everyone but we would especially like to include special thanks to the City Council, the Park Board, the City Manager, the Parks Department employees, Marshbank Construction and Bob Lovins Landscaping for a job well done.

The park is open to the public with the exception of fenced-off areas where work is still proceeding and grass is still taking root.

The majority of work on the beach side of the park should be completed in mid September. The Friday Night Farmers Market in Juanita plans to move back across the road at that time.