Hart Campaign Pleased To Be Competing In The General Election

The following press release is from Kirkland City Council candidate Jim Hart:

Jim Hart’s campaign for City Council took a step forward today with the recent primary results.  “While the ballots have not been fully counted, I am heartened to be moving to the general election, and thank all citizens who participated in this important election. The voters of Kirkland deserve a spirited contest and I look forward to contrasting my record of business ownership and fiscal discipline with my opponent’s tax and spend history” says Jim; he concluded “I encourage everyone to visit my website www.hartforkirkland.com for information on my vision for Kirkland.”


If the voters who opted not to return the incumbent to office coalesce behind the Hart campaign, the race will most likely be decided by only a few hundred votes – something very achievable for the campaign with slightly over two months before the general election.


Jim vows to keep working to ensure the following for Kirkland:


  • Ending the regressive “Head-Tax” on businesses to promote job growth and economic vitality in the city.
  • Ensuring the newly added citizens are successfully integrated to a cohesive Kirkland, with all concerns and questions addressed.
  • Bringing his keen business sense to a Council that is in need of a new philosophy - “living within our means”.


Jim was born in Seattle and has lived in the greater Seattle area his entire life.  He has lived on the Eastside for over 60 years and has owned a local business since 1963, giving him a unique perspective on how Kirkland has grown over the years.  “I feel that I have had some part in that growth” says Jim, as he has been involved in local land use issues for many years.  “I started working in Kirkland in 1947, assisting in the design and expansion of Kirkland’s water and street systems.  I am a professional land surveyor and have literally been in the trenches helping to build the roads and utilities that serve the businesses and homes of Kirkland”.