Political Shenanigans : "Dear Jane" letter attacks Hague

The darker side of political campaigning seems have surfaced in the form of an anonymous letter to King County Councilmember Jane Hague. The letter was sent to some King County voters in an effort to persuade them to end support for the Hague who was first elected to the council in 1994. The letter reveals little information about the author other than it is signed with the name, "Kathy."

The letter, which starts with the salutation "Dear Jane," purports to be written by a former supporter of Hague's. The author claims to now send copies to others "in hope that they, too, ask you (Hague) to withdraw and to refund the money they donated to you under false pretenses." The false pretenses line refers to Hague's "betrayal" for voting in favor of raising taxes in the form of increased car tab fees.

The author of the letter tells Hague, "I would rather vote for someone who does not blame others and who does not lie," after describing a litany of instances in which Hague had let the author down.

The letter is dated August 22, 2011 and postmarked in Seattle on August 26. The envelope did not have a return address.

So starts the dirty campaigning.

Jane Hague (R) is seeking re-election to Metropolitan King County Council District No. 6.

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