Video: "I dig this, Man!" says Jeff Bridges about Kirkland's Be Kind to Everyone Day

Academy Award winning actor and musician, Jeff Bridges, was spotted visiting George's Restaurant in downtown Kirkland on Sunday. Bridges entertained concertgoers at St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville later that evening where he took time between sets to acknowledge a local effort called "Be Kind to Everyone Day."

While on stage, Bridges asked the crowd, "Do you know what day it is?" He then took out his reading glasses and read from a piece of paper, saying that Sunday was proclaimed by Kirkland Mayor Joan McBride as "Be Kind to Everyone Day," in honor of Sasia Regan-Hughes, who lived her life fully and was working hard to be authentically kind to all those she met. Sasia passed away June 17 in her sleep.

Bridges continued,"According to the wishes of her parents and her loved ones, this date has been set aside to actively practice kindness."

The actor then roared, "I dig this, man!" and the crowd went wild with applause.

Bridges also spoke about how much he enjoys the Northwest, the many movies he has filmed here and that his friends Tom Skerritt and Dale Chihuly were in attendance at the concert.

Thank you to Jim Walen for his help with this story. Facebook photo courtesy George's Restaurant. Video courtesy MyFordofKirkland