Kudos Kirkland volunteers help out at Juanita Bay Park (photos)

[scrollGallery id=169] Juanita Bay Park is a 144-acre wetland and urban wildlife habitat on the shores of Lake Washington. A visit to Juanita Bay Park is a chance to enjoy a view of wildlife, stroll along the boardwalk and relax. If you happen to visit on a day when one of the several volunteer groups happen to be working, you can witness wetlands restoration and replanting of native species in a park which was a golf course until 1975.

On Thursday afternoons from noon to 2 p.m., the public is welcome to join Nona Ganz and regular volunteers Sue Contreras, Mick Thompson, June Fletcher and Dave Ramsay in these efforts. Kudos Kirkland volunteers joined Nona and her group on Thursday and it was a rewarding experience.

We say thank you and kudos to these volunteers who work hard to make our world a better place!

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For questions about volunteering at Juanita Bay Park, contact Nona Ganz at  nonaganz@frontier.com

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