A letter to the Kirkland Community: Join the 9/11 Remembrance

Below are scenes from around Kirkland, September 11, 2010: [scrollGallery id=96]

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Businesses and members of the Kirkland Community,

Next Sunday is the 10th anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11. I’m sending this message in the hope that you will join me and many of our neighbors in honoring the memory of those lost and the spirit of the incredible “coming together” that we experienced following the event by coming together again. SHOW YOUR COLORS! 10 years ago in the days and weeks following 9/11 every neighborhood in every city in our country displayed their compassion, respect and pride by hanging the American Flag. Let’s do that again this year. So… flags at home, flags on decks of apartments and condos, flags on businesses, flags on boats and flags on cars if you have them. There are flags available at Fred Meyer and Michaels in Kirkland and I’m sure many other places.

In the hope that MANY of our community will join in this effort, please forward this message to all your contacts.

There are several observances going on in town next weekend, a firefighter fundraiser dinner at Merrill Gardens on Friday Night from 5 to 7, a memorial at the Kirkland Performance Center at 1:00pm on Sunday that is open to the public and a public ceremony on Monday at city hall. For info check out the kirklandviews.com calendar.


Penny Sweet

President, Celebrate Kirkland