J.P. Patches' last public appearance is Saturday

The Seattle Times has a story about the last public appearance of J.P. Patches, scheduled for this Saturday at the Fishermen's Fall Festival at Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal. As with many baby-boomers from the Puget Sound region, watching J. P. Patches was a part of my childhood morning routine. His television show brought laughter to our entire family. To this day, my 78 year-old mom still recalls with great joy the many good times our family shared watching Chris Wedes and his many characters each weekday morning as we got ready for school.

As he heads into retirement, Wedes wants to leave his "Patches Pals" with a simple thought: "Be good to yourselves." he said. "And it will just naturally follow that you'll be good to others." The Seattle Times

As a life-long Patches Pal, I say thank you, J.P., Gertrude, Boris S. Wort, Tikey Turkey, et al. You left your mark. You are one of a kind.

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