Weekend construction on I-405 in Bellevue is CANCELLED due to rain

Rain throws a monkey wrench into the I-405 Bellevue construction plans. The Sunday forecast for 60 percent chance of rain has forced construction crews to cancel the 53-hour long closure of northbound I-405 this weekend. At this time, the work is tentatively scheduled for next weekend, Oct. 1. The weekend work in Bellevue was focused on restriping mainline I-405 and the new connecting ramps. Getting a good, solid, visible weatherproof stripe down is critically important to the safety of the project. It’s difficult to get good striping in the rain. A sloppy stripe means drivers get confused. Confused drivers lead to collisions. With all the changes we are making here, our engineers didn’t want to risk it. The I-5 Lynnwood work is still on track for this weekend. Right now, next week’s forecast is a bit brighter. (No! It can’t be the end of summer yet!!) We’ll keep you up to date .